2019 Community Change makers


Erin chung
women for progress in bergen county

Erin Chung and her husband Tom live in Wyckoff with their three children, Eleanor 8, George 5, and Betty 4.

Erin is the founder and Executive Director of Women for Progress. She is currently studying for an MS in Nonprofit Leadership at Fordham University (graduation is May 18, 2019).  A graduate from the University of Oregon, with a BS in Journalism & Communication, she previously worked for Random House Publishing, Conde Nast and eventually The Miss Universe Organization.

Several years ago she formed Women for Progress 501(c)(4) and the group is now more than 2,000 members.  WFP’s first event was a peaceful rally in Wyckoff.  The initial group of women thought there might be 30 or 40 attendees…there ended up being more than 400 people! Erin, the board and the devoted members of WFP haven’t looked back. They are a community of women who will stand up for the issues they believe in. The tagline for the organization is: Community, Education and Activism. They partner with various nonprofits around the state, including WRIC, and support women’s rights, gun violence prevention, LGBTQI and immigrant rights, progressive campaigns and the protection of the environment. Fundraising and connecting WFP’s members to volunteer opportunities is the core of their mission.

Erin’s goal is to continue to grow a community of progressive women; provide educational opportunities about the issues they care the most about and to use activism to affect change locally, and across the state. Erin is a board member at the YWCA of Northern New Jersey; supports Women’s Rights Information Center and many other sister agencies dedicated to helping women and communities.

Erin says, “For me one of the most fulfilling things about WFP has been the incredible community of women I have been fortunate to meet. Doctors, lawyers, social workers, small business owners, fitness instructors, finance professionals, politicians, etc. Women are so dynamic and so good at getting things DONE. I’ve been humbled to call some of these women my new friends…If you want to find a sense of community among like-minded women; if you believe that you could use more education on the issues you care about, if you are ready to use your angst and discontent in positive, proactive ways, WFP would love to have you!” For more information visit www.womenforprogress.org.