Getting to Equal - When She Rises, We all Rise

There is now a mountain of research that lends incontrovertible evidence that when women do better, then all of us do better… all of us, women, men, children, communities; it leads to more prosperity across the board! When women rise, men rise, too.  For example, international company, Accenture published results of comprehensive study on gender equity in the workplace entitled; “Getting to Equal 2018 When She Rises, We All Rise.” It asserts that the future workforce is an equal one.  Written by Ellyn Shook and Julie Sweet who state, “Importantly, if organizations succeed in creating a workforce culture that fosters equality, they will not just accelerate career advancement and pay for women, they will also improve career progress for men.”  In companies that support women’s advancement and diversity, all employees advance, including men. 


Their declaration that the future will be equal, while welcome news, it means we are still not equal in the present. Most scientific research supports the premise that when women succeed, so do men. However, the unfortunate fact is that women still advance less in the workplace than men do. According to their worldwide survey, women are 22 percent less likely to reach manager level than their male peers.

 The World Bank’s research claims that only 6 out of 195 countries in the world give men and women equal rights.  Ten years ago, it was zero; we are improving, but at this rate, gender equity will not be achieved until 2073 (CNN).  The US scored 83.75%, which is under the top 50, but higher than the global average of 74.71%.

 World Bank’s study looked at eight factors for women:

1.      Going Places (freedom)
2.      Starting a job
3.      Getting Paid
4.      Marriage
5.      Having Children
6.      Running a business
7.      Managing assets
8.      Getting a pension

 The eight factors of this extensive worldwide study are the same exact factors that Women’s Rights Information Center is working on!  Therefore, the issue is global, but it is also local.  If we want to help women and our community, then we need to keep economic and emotional security as our highest calling, and equity for all, as our top priority. 

 WRIC provides support to women and families on their path to self-sufficiency through:

-       Job readiness

-       ESL and Citizenship classes

-       Shared Housing

-       Microsoft Office Instruction

-       Access times to a computer lab

-       Free to low cost Legal consultations provided by Women Lawyers in Bergen County

-       Career Closet for women

-       Self Esteem workshops

-       Art therapy and other support modalities

 In addition, WRIC staff and volunteers offer a compassionate listening ear, an often-underestimated quality, which may just be the final boost one needs to succeed. We continue to be moved both by those who overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve greater peace and satisfaction in their lives and by those of you who collaborate with us to make it happen.  We are privileged for your partnership on this front, as it would not be possible without you.  When anyone of us rises, we all rise. 




In 2018, WRIC provided services to 729 clients. (90% women; 10% men)

(25% increase from last year) 

*Shared Housing = 128 (22% increase) intakes of which 108 (27% increase) were seekers and 20 (remained same) were providers. 11 matches were made for 25 clients (some kids included) placed living together. 

*Supported by Department of Labor-Workfirst NJ = 234 Case management for women and men on public assistance (Over 94% increase) 

*Funded by the NJ Division on Women DOW-Displaced Homemakers = 163 Work readiness assistance for women who have lost their income due to disability, divorce, or other catastrophic disruption (5% increase).  Our state contract calls for service for a minimum of 90 clients. 

*Partially funded by Bergen County Department of Multicultural Affairs ESL = 173 clients/students attended English as a Second Language classes  

*Citizenship = 14 clients attended classes preparing themselves to take the U.S Citizenship exam (33% increase) 

*Microsoft Certification and QuickBooks Certification Classes Graduated 37 

*Legal consults = 221 clients received legal consultations from Women Lawyers in Bergen County and Northeast Legal Services (29% increase) 

*Career Closet appointments =219 women were able to obtain business outfits for interviews and workplace settings (23%increase)

*Responded to over 5000 phone inquiries

Ernie Sprance