Shared Housing
is a simple idea: a homeowner offers accommodation in their home or apartment to an individual looking for housing in exchange for an agreed upon level of support in the form of financial exchange, assistance with household tasks, or both.  Shared Housing benefits include reduced financial burden (and therefore an opportunity to increase savings as well as keep one’s home), sharing of household tasks, companionship possibilities, and more.

The community also benefits from Shared Housing. Shared living makes efficient use of existing housing stock, helps preserve the fabric of the neighborhood and, in certain cases, helps to lessen the need for costly chore/care services and long term institutional care.

A home sharer might be a senior citizen, a person with disabilities, a working professional, someone at-risk of homelessness, a single parent, or simply a person wishing to share his or her life and home with others. For these people, shared housing offers companionship, affordable housing, security, mutual support and much more.

Our no-fee Shared Housing program can offer a more secure alternative to other roommate options. Our staff carefully screens each program applicant through interviewing, and personal references.  Background checks available.

Homelessness prevention referrals and housing counseling services are available by appointment. 

Women’s Rights Information Center is a member of the
National Shared Housing Resource Center.