Board of Trustees

Hon. Ronny Siegal, Chair
Monica Borg
Dawn B. Diaz
Rosemarie Anderson, Esq.
Pamela DeBlasio
Susan Del Rio
Nancy Ferer
Hon Helene Carol Herbert, Esq.
Hon. Mary Heveran

Hon. Monica Honis
Jennifer B. Krevitt, Esq.
Eleanor Lubin
Magalye Matos
Rose Reyes McKiernan, Esq.
Neal Merker, Esq.
Cathy Pierorazio
Nina Pineda
Helayne Weiss, Esq.

Liz Corsini, MPH, Board Emeritus
Phoebe Seham, JD, Founder




Lillian Corcoran, Executive Director

Lil Corcoran is a Licensed Professional Counselor and joined Women’s Rights Information Center in June 2016, after 25 in the Battered Women’s Movement.  She is an accomplished trainer and has presented to police, attorneys, and social workers to name a few.  She developed and implemented a training curriculum for the School of Nursing at UMDNJ and she also taught Changing Roles of Women, Sociology and Marriage and Family at Bergen Community College. 
“All people have obstacles to overcome, and women face added barriers to success and happiness just because they are women, and that is something we want to help with.  While we provide back-to-work practical skills, which are critical, other barriers many women face are related to oppression, which is a self-esteem destroyer.  We want to help women and their families (and thus communities) with whatever is holding them back.”


Ysabel Espinal, Bilingual Educational Case Manager

Ysabel Espinal joined WRIC in 2016. In this role, she oversees the ESL & Citizenship Program and leads the ESL team. She had contributed to the expansion of our ESL program under the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Ysabel is no stranger to the non-profit sector. She previously worked at WRIC as a housing counselor in the Shared House Program. She also spent many years as a volunteer at the American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization dedicated to prevent and alleviate suffering in the face of emergencies, which taught her the importance of helping others. Before re-joining WRIC she worked in the private sector for over 10 years in the mortgage industry. She is passionate about helping others, and she is committed to the mission of WRIC.
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you may not know about.”


Susan Bendes, Shared Housing Coordinator

Susan Bendes  joined Women’s Rights Information Center in 2014. She started her career over 30 years ago in Corporate Human Resources, moved into Conference Planning, and then left to start a family and pursue a graduate degree. Many years and several positions later, she began volunteering in Shared Housing at WRIC and soon became the part time Shared Housing Coordinator. In that capacity, she matches those seeking affordable housing in Bergen County with those offering accommodations in their home, in exchange for sharing the expenses of running the home. 
“Many of the people who come to the Center are in transition and unable to find a way to comfortably remain in the county where they have often lived for many years. I love working with them to try and find a “home” during this transition. When you have the comfort and security of a place to lay your head at night, so many other aspects of your life start to fall into place” 


Martha Velez, Bilingual Senior Case Manager, Career Counselor

Martha Velez has more than 20 years of experience working with women, children (Crisis Intervention), teen mothers, and families. Born and raised in Lima, Peru she came to the US to explore new opportunities. While working full time with first time mothers at Englewood Hospital, she began volunteering at the Women’s Center teaching ESL classes, and in February 2007 began working full time at the Center as a Career Counselor enrolling and recruiting clients from the Department of Labor into WRIC’s Computer Training Program. She quickly began creating new programs for clients, especially the Spanish-speaking population, to help immigrants become successful in the United States.
“In 2014, I became a Case Manager, preparing clients to successfully obtain and retain employment. My community activities include being a member of the Bergen County Latino Advisory Commission and I am commissioned as a Notary Public for the State of NJ. As a Senior Case Manager at the Center my goal now is to continue working with our team to provide the best and quality service for our clients.”


Janet Sprance, Technology Instructor

Jan Sprance began working with the WRIC as a volunteer in 2009, after retiring from a 32 year career at IBM working with customers and technology.  She joined the staff as the Technology Instructor in 2013.
“Though my focus is technology, I take a holistic approach to helping women enter the job market for the first time or transition to new jobs.  Being comfortable with technology is one important aspect to entering the job market.  But getting a job requires other skills and tools, so career readiness, comfort with technology and empowering women with confidence and the right attitude is my ultimate goal.” 


Lisa Maurer, Job Developer/Project Manager

Lisa Maurer joined the team at Women’s Rights Information
Center in January 2017.   She began her involvement in the "Non Profit" industry in 2014. She has worked and volunteered in several different agencies, most recently working with women and children survivors of domestic violence. 
“I recognize the challenges of obtaining employment can extend far beyond just finding a job. Often the barriers are internal as well as external.   The Women’s Center not only offers career coaching and employment skills, it is also a place where hope can be restored through support and encouragement.   I am privileged to have the opportunity to be part of a team that is committed to making a difference.”  


Lesley Greenblatt, Displaced Homemaker Counselor and Shared Housing Assistant

Lesley Greenblatt first joined WRIC as a volunteer in 2014.  She has worked faithfully in a number of capacities, including community outreach representative.  Lesley is quite familiar with the non-profit sector.  Working in nursing homes, rehab centers and special needs programs has taught her the importance of patience, passion and practical life enhancing skills.  She is thrilled to be joining our team in her combined role.  "WRIC is designed to make a positive impact on women and help them find the power within to not only meet their goals, but surpass them.  I am so privileged to be part of such a team and look forward to providing my clients with the necessary tools and strategies to meet whatever challenges lay ahead."


Cecilia Diaz - Bilingual Case Manager

Donna Dalton - Case Manager

Kaetlynn Ayala - Case Manager

Miriam Bloom, Grant Writer


Paula Madera - Housing Counselor -

Jacqueline Jara - Bookkeeper

Yornelis Tejada - Office Operations Coordinator

Jenifer Ippolito, Financial Accountant